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Our Team

Meet the Well Life Insurance team who is ready and excited to get to know you!


Leilah Perchaluk

Founder & Lead Advisor

Leilah Perchaluk is the founder, lead advisor, and driving force behind Well Life Insurance.


Leilah is one of a very small percentage of young, female insurance specialists with a focus on curating risk management strategies to protect your family, yourself, and your business. She understands that insurance can be a topic that isn’t always discussed, which naturally makes education the forefront of her practice. 


An entrepreneur at heart, Leilah’s priority is to teach professionals about the importance of getting a policy now, adjusting their coverage as they advance in their career, and protecting a standard of living for those they love most if something were to happen. 


In her free time, Leilah sits on the Membership Committee with the Winnipeg Art Gallery, works closely with the Balmoral Hall Foundation, and fosters rescue dogs with Manitoba Mutts Dog rescue. Having founded Knew House, a female entrepreneur group, she is very involved and passionate about the Winnipeg business community. 

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Courtney Friesen

Client Services Team Member

Courtney Friesen is our Client Team Services Member at Well Life Insurance.


Courtney has a background in business administration with a major in marketing. She is passionate about bringing a creative, fun energy to the business world and working with Well Life's modern and sought-after marketing. She also does a lot of the day to day operations at the office and helps plan our educational events.


Courtney became involved in insurance on her own quest for coverage. After having many major firms reach out to her, she realized they lacked what we do best; education. Teaching people, especially young people, the importance of getting coverage now and understanding their policy and its benefits is at the fore front of Well Life Insurance.


In her free time, she likes to write in her blog, make new baking recipes for family and the office to enjoy, and spend time with her partner and adorable cat, Chester.


Treat Coordinator

Adopted from Manitoba Mutts in 2021, Peaches is our team mascot. Whether she is snoozing in the front window or diminishing our treat inventory, Peaches is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. 

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