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March 3rd, 2022 7pm CST

Have no idea where to start? Let us help

Purchasing a home may be one of the largest transactions in your lifetime, which can be stressful and overwhelming, we get it.


You may be asking yourself questions like…

“When is the best time to buy a home?”

“How do I take out a loan?”

“Do I just go to the bank and tell them I want to buy a house?”

“What is the process? What is the first step?”

“Do I go with the mortgage insurance from the bank or personally owned life insurance?”


If you’ve been wondering where to find a mortgage broker, a lawyer, a real estate agent, a financial planner, and an insurance advisor, you’ll be coming to the right place. These experts will be providing answers to all of your burning questions.


Still have questions at the end? Stick around for the panel discussion portion of the seminar.

The Home Buyers Seminar 

- Your Experts -


Leilah Perchaluk

Insurance Advisor - Well Life Co.

Leilah Perchaluk, is the founder, lead advisor, and driving force behind Well Life Co.  

Focusing exclusively on insurance, she understands how beneficial protection can be in major life moments, such as buying a home. 


Leilah enjoys educating young people about the importance and benefit of insurance products. As one of a very small percentage of female insurance advisors, she fully understands the importance of getting a policy now, adjusting your coverage as you move through your life, and protecting a standard of living for those you love if something happens to you.

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What you will get out of this seminar


Recent and accurate information from experts in the field. No sale tactics, no incorrect data, no word of mouth - straight to the source. 


Think you're ready for the biggest purchase of your life? Use our personalized worksheet to help plan every aspect of your search. 


Start your search for your dream home with five of your very own experts right here, no need for googling.

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