If you have an established family

At this stage of your life, you likely have more assets and more money in the bank, so thinking about your future isn’t as stressful as it was when you were younger. As your financial situation has improved, there are more advanced planning possibilities available to you.


Let’s work together to look at the best strategies for your financial planning. We can arrange for tax planning specialists, investment specialists, and financial planners to join us while we discuss the best insurance routes for you to take.

Health and Dental Plans

When you work for yourself, or your employer doesn’t offer group benefits,

being covered for health & dental expenses is important. 

A plan that is personalized to you, and your family, will be an investment in your future. Coverage for drugs, dental work, vision care, travel, and specialists (physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and psychologists/social workers) are offered in all plans.

An employer benefits plan doesn’t have to be a luxury.

You can own this plan personally, which will follow you throughout your career and protect your family financially if anything were to happen.